As part of the Australian government law, anyone who aspires or works on a construction site in this country must have a white card. If you have not gotten yourself one yet, it is better to understand what it is. Find out more, learn everything and be smooth with this job requirement.

What is a white card?

According to Blue Dog Training, “a White Card is evidence that you have completed a General Construction Induction course/White Card course (previously known as the Blue Card course). This course is mandatory for anyone who works or wants to work in the construction industry.”

“Site managers, supervisors, surveyors, laborers and tradespeople” are just some of the people who need this white card to enter the construction industry.

How can I get a white card?

This requirement is also available now around the country. There are a lot of companies that offer service for training and acquisition of the card. You may even get a nationally recognized one from them. Some even provide the online course, which you could take anywhere you are. You can just sit on the couch while learning more about your industry.construction_bldg2

Furthermore, you will be needing first to complete the general construction induction training before braving the card. It should also be with a Registered Training Organisation.

How long does it take to get a white card?

Most apprentice builders have gotten their white cards too. Accordingly, you cannot work in the construction industry without this hence you must really get one. For the duration, it will be about your pace. Many companies offer intensive and fast-paced training.

More so, there are companies that let you pause your training due to some unavoidable consequences. Your progress may also be saved so do not worry. This is what I mean about “it is all about your pace.” You may finish it soon or not. It all depends on you.

Why is white card important?

Besides being an Australian government requirement, it is good to have the card due to an industrial relation. Based on, it is about “the study of the laws, conventions, and institutions that regulate ‘the workplace’. It is a fundamentally important aspect of our way of life, our culture and our society.”

If you want to be safe with all your rights, it is better to be equipped with all the necessary requirements. You have rights with this. Many people are just happy working but they do not recognize their rights. If you have the white card, you are protected as an employee.

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