No matter what has been said about it, lockers have been part of many stories of how one had survived school especially high school and college. Lockers are great for storage and if you’re hunting for lockers for sale, here are some trivia about lockers that might help you find the best storage for your things.

In general, lockers are narrow and tall

lockers_4_saleLockers are in general small and usually narrow and tall storage. It can be single or in banks   like those in public places such as school and locker rooms in workplaces, facilities like gyms, hospitals and hotels. Modern lockers for sale today vary in sizes, wider and may not conform to the familiar appearance of lockers.

Lockers and locking system

Ordinary lockers like those used as school lockers use different key locking such as flush locks, cam locks and lock with rotating handles, and the simple hasp and staple and latch locks. Modern lockers for sale are with keyless operation and those in transportation hubs, hotels and other accommodation faculties have coin deposit locking.

Locker dimensions and measurements

Lockers usually measure 12 inches in width and 6 feet tall. The deep is standard at 18 inches. Custom-made lockers in Brisbane are usually non-standard in height, width and deep, and dependent on designs. U.S. made lockers is narrower with 12 to 15 inches deep and this kind is not available and unknown in Australia.

Colors and materials

Lockers are usually dark-grey however, manufacturers today offer lockers in varied colors. School lockers today are with bright colors like red, yellow and green. Some even have two-toned colors, with doors and bodies of different color. Steel is a common material used but plastic lockers are now common in many locker stores across Australia. Plastic lockers are popular for being lightweight, cheap, and versatility. Phenolic lockers are made of high-pressured laminate. Wood is also used for some locker models.

Elegant and sophisticated lockers

Designing and manufacturing has made lockers more like a piece of interior gem and the plain looking locker has leveled up in plushy locker rooms in plushy health and wellness club facilities. Many are fancily dressed up and results are elegant and stylish storage lockers in high-end setting.

Lockers for sure will never lose its charm and magic and this is the reason why it is still popular and the good thing is, locker manufacturers in Australia make sure there is one for everyone.

Lockers are indeed very popular in facilities such as schools, gyms, spas, office, and more. Depending on the need, there will always be a fit locker otherwise, it can be customized. Visit

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