Marrying someone is a big decision, and many happy couples enjoy looking back at their wedding day in fondness. Whether collecting dust boxed away in the attic or live streamed on social media, wedding videos are always nice keepsakes to have of your big day.

Despite how merry you may be about tying the knot, you may feel a bit anxious about capturing your wedding glow. After all, not all of us are completely photogenic or even at all comfortable in front of a camera. Regardless of how you think you look, everyone deserves to look back on their wedding day and feel good about it.

best_wedding3While looking through the most beautiful wedding videos on Instagram can make you feel the pressure of looking good for the day, it’s important for you to remember that your wedding should feel like the celebration it is and feel comfortable throughout the ordeal. You don’t want to stress too much at your wedding.

Start by eating healthy weeks before your wedding day. It’s not much of a surprise to note how certain foods can help you feel great; eating fruits regularly could help add a more natural glow instead of looking pale and pasty in your wedding videos. Avoiding coffee or food that could cause you to bloat could help alleviate tummy troubles and clear your skin.

In addition to sticking to a well-balanced diet and getting as much rest as possible, you could also start packing snacks for you and the rest of your “wedding team” so it’s less of a hassle for you to prepare something on the go. A good mix of nuts and fruit can give you a boost in protein and flush out toxins from your body. A little exercise could also help prepare you by keeping your body alive and alert for the busy days ahead of you.

Being able to move comfortably in between attending to guests and sharing sweet moments with the groom would show more than you’d think in your wedding videos. Aside from being able to do more, or you’d have enough energy to last throughout the jam-packed day.

Find a Videographer in Yarra Valley to worry about getting your best angles and focus on celebrating the day with your loved ones. If you’re a little on the awkward side, they could help walk you through good poses for your photos and turn your already good shots into great ones. Having fun on such an important day and just living in the moment could capture the most wonderful version you could muster up.

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