How SEO will keep you ahead of your competitors this 2021

Since the COVID pandemic, the internet has exploded with e-commerce sites and online businesses resulting to a highly competitive environment. Even in Australia, getting a slice of this online market is not very easy and often requires the guidance of a digital marketing expert to help businesses strategize and position themselves at an advantage. These experts employ a toolkit of strategies and methods to help you reach your key performance indicators, but the most powerful tool in their arsenal is SEO or search engine optimization.

SEO has existed for as long as search engines have. In digital marketing, SEO is a process that helps improve the “searchability” of a website across the internet. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing are usually the gateways that lead internet users to various websites. And an SEO company would usually be the expert group that will help make your website more visible in the search results of these search engines. The ultimate goal is to be the top search result whenever certain keywords are typed in.

While there are several search engines available on the internet, digital marketing experts will tell you that the only website that will matter is Google. According to 2020/2021 SEO Australia Statistics, Google has a 94 percent share of search engine traffic in the country. This means, most Australians search for something on Google. Bing only comes in second at a measly 3.88 percent, while Yahoo and DuckDuckGo share less than one percent each. So whatever top search results are churned out by Google, most Australians will immediately click on a website that’s listed in the top 10.  

In today’s digital age, to be “searchable” on the internet equates to credibility. The worst-case scenario is not to find your company in any search engine. That’s basically zero credibility and you’re basically unknown. Getting your company website on the second page of Google’s search results is okay, but not good enough to get the web traffic you might need to generate enough sales. But with the help of a digital marketing expert, you can get better chances of landing at the coveted first page of Google’s search results. 

Getting on the first page of Google based on search keywords means everything to a business. It can drive hundreds of thousands of users to your website which can translate to lead generation and later on into actual sales. SEO alone though will not be enough to keep your online business going. There are other digital marketing strategies that need to be considered and used in tandem with SEO to ensure that you’re always ahead of your competitors. 

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